About Us

Established in 2014 in Karaikudi, Memfill Tech Private Limited (MTPL) has grown as a spin-off from GRT with the support of TREC-STEP being a partner. MTPL is a manufacturer of polymer membranes and we are dedicated to deliver primarily the advanced hollow fibre membrane technology for clean water/environment and medical applications to help our society. MTPL specializes in producing hollow fibre membranes for household and industrial applications for various needs.

More details: MTPL's hollow fibre membranes (branded as "MEMFILL") with very low binding properties leading to less fouling, greater yields, higher flux rates. All MTPL membrane products are subjected to stringent quality control standards to assure the utmost product integrity and consistency.

Why Us

GRT provides development assistance from early application to successful implementation. Through our extensive background and experience, processes have been/are being developed. Our customers would benefit from our experience, process knowledge, full-factory testing, and installation assistance and exceptional after-sales support.

MTPL offers the best after sales and services for maintenance on your units and the benefits of its advanced research. MTPL consider providing pilot unit for feasibility tests to tailor your needs; installation, monitoring and result analysis.

MTPL hollow fiber membrane technology offers a unique combination of capabilities among water purification and treatment techniques.