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MEMFILL approaches to traditional industrial wastewater treatment solutions to capture the commercial opportunities to reduce operational costs for our valued customers.


MEMFILL has "proprietary" HF membrane technology and processes to address the highly alarming water-related issues in our country. We specialize in developing technologies and processes of highly uniform and durable hollow fiber membranes for water treatment process to avoid harming human health and the environment.


MEMFILL, located at Karaikudi, Tamilnadu state, produces several types of hollow fiber membranes (PES, PVDF, etc) for water/wastewater, desalination, chemicals, textiles, oil and other key industrial applications. We help our valued-customers to procure India-make high-quality HF cartridges thus avoiding expensive imports


MEMFILL is expert in customizing membrane processes to customers requirement so to offer tailor made turnkey wastewater treatment plants. MEMFILL specializes in providing specially developed hollow fiber membrane process solutions which requires no or less chemicals, and custom-designed treatment plants to solve long-pending unsolved problems.


We are partnering with experts in few key technologies such as Organic Solvent Nanofiltration (OSN) process, Hybrid technology for color (dye) removal + Forward Osmosis Processes and Pharma and Oil industries.

We also plan to work on the Gas Sensing Membranes for capturing Flue gases to help mitigate the Carbon Capturing to supporting worldwide “Zero Carbon” goal.

With the population expansion in India, its rapid urbanization and industrial landscape, both the quality and quantity of surface and groundwater gets significantly polluted/contaminated by various organic and inorganic pollutants. An alarming level of about 70% of water supply flows back into the ecosystem as Wastewater. While several states in India installed capacity to treat less than half of their wastewater treatment capacity, others have low or no capacity installed.

MEMFILL believes that innovative solutions can overcome and adapt to the challenges of water treatment-related issues for better environment and living.

MEMFILL wants to create innovative and commercially sustainable solutions that address the inefficiencies in hollow fiber membrane markets that are contributing to several industries not properly utilizing the water they need.

MEMFILL has identified that the water industry requires new and sustainable approaches. By finding innovative approaches to traditional/conventional solutions in the wastewater filtration related issues, MEMFILL is tackling challenges that others think are too difficult and capturing the commercial opportunity in sustainable development.

Our visions are - but not limited to:

  • To pioneer the implementation of reliable, efficient and cost-effective hollow fiber membrane manufacturing technologies in India
  • To establish a strong brand in the industrial sector with high-quality products at an affordable price for our valued customers and, more importantly to provide strong after-market technical support

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