Our Turnkey Solutions

How MEMFILL’s Turnkey Solutions Are Unique?

Not all wastewater-related problems are same even between similar industries and products. MEMFILL works closely with customers to select the appropriate technology and tailor-made/customized process solutions to address their ongoing/future issues with wastewater treatment. With over 5 years of experience, rest assured that you're in good hands.
The “build” vs “buy” is a common dilemma faced by industries. Balancing immediate business needs with long-term growth is both challenging and paramount. Eventually, it comes down to offering significant resources to custom-engineering development or leveraging turnkey solutions for wastewater treatment plants. The ideal solution is to partner with one contractor that provides either a full custom service or turnkey package.

Our project delivery process typically consists of:
  • Sample testing at our facility
  • Process design and detailed engineering design
  • Procurement
  • Construction and installation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Start-up, training
  • Aftermarket technical support

MEMFILL’s streamlined approach to designing, building, and commissioning wastewater process treatment plants provides several benefits, including:
  • A "one-stop source" for a complete treatment solution
  • Better facilitates technology integration within the existing production plant
  • Affordability on the CAPEX
  • Accommodates customers’ requirements timeline
  • Consistency in design and construction quality throughout all stages of the project
  • Single point of contact and responsibility

Value-added Wastewater Treatment Turnkey Solutions

  • Oil/Paint Industry – Tier-1 Farm Equipment Manufacturer in Madurai
      An effluent treatment plant of 20K liters per day treatment capacity equipped with our UF-HF membranes was installed to replace the conventional process at Madurai
      ~20% reduction in space and 45% reduction in operational cost was realized
      A new 40K liters per day project is due for approval
  • Textile Industry – Vertically integrated Apparel manufacturing company in Erode
      A successful demo of 10K liters per day project got approved with tailor-made hybrid processes to remove the dye color of 4-times rejected RO water
      A cost saving of ~40% was realized while, the water for reuse was demonstrated with minimal wastage; Zero Liquid Discharge concept is considered for implementation
      Working on 300K liters per day treatment plant
  • Chemical Industry – India’s large exporter of KCL at Madurai
      Separation of 4-components chemicals into 2-components for enhancing the overall yield while saving the running costs
      Demonstration of custom-made 100 LPH UF/NF filtration system was setup at the production site and proven for separation of 2-compenent system with throughput improvement
      ~10% reduction in operational cost was realized
  • Wastewater treatment for 100% Reuse – A key player who segregates Plastic waste in Malaysia
      1000LPH Wastewater treatment with specialized process was installed in Malaysia, for waste plastic products. System is in good operating condition since Feb 2019
  • Desalination – An Academic institution in Thondy
      1000 LPH Desalination plant is in successful operation for more than 1.5 years
      This system provides drinking water for 1500+ university students/staffs
  • Wastewater treatment for Drinking – An Academic Institution at Karaikkudi
      1000 LPH Wastewater treatment plant was installed and in operation for 2.5 years
      This system provides drinking water for 3000+ university students/staffs

Recently Completed & Ongoing Projects

Customer System Type
Alagappa University Wastewater Treatment for Re-use
Customer(s) at Thiruppur Classified/ Customized Solutions
Vaighai Group, Madurai Classified/ Customized Solutions
Rane Classified/ Customized Solutions
Govt. Arts College, Ramnad Desalination
Kannath Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Polymer
TAFE, Madurai Effluent Treatment
Algappa University, Thondy Campus Desalination
Alagappa University Science Block, Karaikkudi RO + UF
Sethubathy Engineering College, Paramakkudi Desalination
Village Promotional Program, Alagappa University, Karaikudi UF + RO

Get to Know Wastewater Treatment Project Estimate?

Owing to customised process solutions, several factors go into choosing the right wastewater treatment options, first and foremost that customers want to know, "How much does a wastewater treatment system cost?"