Why Us

MEMFILL realized an opportunity to fill a void in the hollow fiber membrane in-house manufacturing technology, process and product development in India. Following factors were the reasons for us to start the MFG business to offer suitable solutions in the wastewater industry

Hollow Fiber Membrane Manufacturing in Tamilnadu (Make in India)

Avoid imports and provides strong technical support

Customized Technology and Process Development

Process Know-how expertise and use of high quality polymer materials and combinations

Portfolio of Hollow Fiber Membrane

Process of multiple formats of hollow fibers

High Chemical Robustness and Mechanical Strength

Superior chemical resistance / tolerance and longevity


Manufacturable at cost-effective production process

Why Wastewater Treatment A MUST?more | less

Sewage, i.e) water-carried waste, is an important consideration for every part of the world, and particularly in India as only about 30% of wastewater is being treated for re-use or drainage. Contaminated water should be properly treated before it can be disposed as the effects of sewage on the environment is largely negative.

Massive amount of briny wastewater/effluent generated from oil and gas industry can cause serious damage to our environment

With severe droughts affecting over many countries, could the solution lie in the ocean? Desalination plants turn seawater into drinking water, but also pump hypersaline water back into the environment

The uncontrolled release of tannery effluents to natural water bodies severely increases health risks for human beings and environmental pollution

Usage of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides has increased in recent years both in chemical/textile industrial and small farming, making agriculture a potential source of environmental pollution

The thermal power generation industry is one of the highest users of water with a share of around 88% in industrial water consumption. However, > 70% of India's power plants are in water stressed areas

The government "regulatory standards/norms" that impose limits requires minimal water consumption in various systems and processes and treated water to drainage

MEMFILL is working in these pressing issues to provide appropriate membrane technology, process solutions and products that helps our environment.